Charcoal vs Gas Grill: What’s this ‘Great Debate’ is all about?

Owning a grill can be exciting. Its more healthy, versatile, and convenient. Owning a grill lets you enjoy the instant pool parties, romantic dinner, or just a fun day with your family.

However, choosing the one grill that can serve its purpose, is a major topic for discussion, especially when it comes to charcoal vs. gas grill. There are lots of questions like which one is convenient, safer, affordable, or perform better.

We collected all the possible details that you want to know about this great debate of Gas vs. charcoal grill! It will help you to get better knowledge and details regarding the topic.

Charcoal Vs. Gas: What are the perks and drawbacks?

Everyone has their own opinion or likes about using charcoal or gas grills. It depends on what you prefer and finds comfortable to work with. But there is a bunch of points you must be knowing before you pick the one for you.

What to know about Charcoal grill?

Charcoal Grills are mostly affordable and straightforward. They come in small to larger sizes. However, with this grill, you need to pay attention as well as work in detail.

To work, the chamber is loaded with charcoal under the grate. This is known as the source of the fuel which helps the charcoal grill to perform.

When the process of burning charcoal starts, they transform the embers, and the heat radiates to the top vents. Here is Best Small Charcoal Grills.

To adjust the temperature, you can use the top or bottom vents which allows the oxygen flow as well as adjust it. If the temperature of the grill is higher, then the less oxygen will be needed for cooling it down.

The types you can get in the charcoal grill: –

There are certain types in charcoal grills; it can be a rectangle, round, or square. Also, some are different based on their venting system for controlling the heat. It includes,

Ceramic: This option is widely famous for its retaining ability in heat and moisture. Ceramic grills are efficient much more than any other option. The ceramic grills are used for smoking and even for baking pizza.

Barrel: This one looks like a sliced half steel barrel in lengthwise. The vent controls temperature and airflow cut into the bottom as well as the top barrel. The heat can be controlled once the lid is closed.

Kettle: The shape of the Grill is the same as its name indicates. Because of the shape, the Grill evenly distributes the heat and helps in building smoke, which helps in enhancing the flavors. To stop the flares and to control the intakes of oxygen, the grill comes with a hood as well.

Is there an option in fuels too?

There are two options that you can get as fuels for a coal grill, it includes:

Lump Charcoal: The natural form of charcoal is known as lump charcoal. This one is easy in lighting and produces lesser amount of ashes.

Also, it gives a better and natural smoke flavor during the cooking process. Lump charcoal is responsive to the oxygen, which offers better as well as secure control over the temperature.

Charcoal Briquette: The users compare the charcoal briquette as the fast food of charcoal. This one has the size uniformity, length in the burn, and smooth light up.

But to create those, the chemicals are used, which can be hazardous to the health, especially the burning stage. To prevent, you have to wait until you notice the ash on the charcoal. After that, you can place the food for cooking.

  • The charcoal grills are portable, which allows easy travel and moving.
  • You can also use the charcoal grill as smokers, but you must know how the exact process before you start.
  • The charcoal grills have better taste. It gives the natural flavor, smokiness, and also makes the food juicy.
  • You get a better temperature, especially if you are one of those who love to cook steak. The charcoal grill can produce high temperatures without affecting your wallet.
  • Sudden flare-ups can cause severe damage, which is not possible with a charcoal grill.
  • The charcoal grill is messy by nature which requires a lot of cleaning up afterward
  • The additional feature lack with charcoal grills
  • Chances that the ashes can get in what you are cooking, which can spoil the taste or flavor.
  • For longer sessions in cooking, you are required to add more charcoal
  • There is a smell of petrochemical then can bother and also get into food as well as taste.

Why might a Charcoal grill be the wrong option?

Due to nature, charcoal can be messier than any other option in Grills. Also, the charcoal needs to cool down before you start cleaning, which takes time. Apart from that, cleaning and maintenance take time. So, in any case, you are not that into cleaning, this might be a trouble option for you.

There are some areas where using charcoal grills are not allowed.

The heating process takes time. So, if you are hungry, then you have to wait until the charcoal gets the ash-covered.

When it comes to operating the charcoal grill, you need practice and knowledge about know-how. Also, understanding how to control the temperature is a big part of this.

What to know about the gas grill? 

The working with gas grills is a bit complicated. The hose is used for traveling the Gas from the bottle via the regulator to the cooker. The Gas goes through the cooking area’s manifold and then to the valves.

Here you get the control over how much Gas do you want to flow by turning the knobs. It helps in regulating the gas flow, which allowed through the valves for controlling the temperature as well.

Is there any type of Gas?

The most obvious difference you find here is the fuel used for the grill. Gas grill either use propane or LPG and Natural Gas. Well, propane is one of the common due to which sometimes gas grill also mentioned as a propane grill.

To get the natural gas, you must have the gas line or connection at your home. Once you have it, you can connect your Grill with your gas line.

In case you don’t have or it’s not available in your area, LPG is also available in refillable bottles. You can put the bottles underneath space in the grill to start the cooking.

  • Gas fuels are affordable.
  • During the cooking, Gas grills give the steam off which cook the meat with extra moisture.
  • You also get the smoke boxes or side burners like accessories with some gas grills. It helps in getting the flavor you can find in a charcoal grill.
  • The gas grills are easier when it comes to cleaning and maintaining
  • To get the fuel for endless cooking, you can connect the gas grill to your house gas line.
  • The gas grill has less temperature, and it’s hard to reach certain high levels in heat.
  • The flare-ups are uncontrolled which create more chances of fire hazards
  • The tanks are heavy, which makes it hard to move the grills and make it less portable.
  • Connecting with the house gas line can make the grill mobility limited.

Why are Gas grills getting attention?

The Gas grills can be ready for cooking within 10 or 15 minutes, which is fast. If you have huge numbers for whom you are cooking, then the Gas grill can help in making the cooking easy.

The dials are given, which makes the controlling over the temperature much easier. Still, the learning is required with different zone cooking. Once you get the control, you can easily navigate the heat and temperature.

Cleaning gas grills are easier. Also, the cooling down process is much faster in gas grills. It saves time and good for those who are not into cleaning too much.

Why it’s still not ‘that ‘best choice?

Even though the gas grill is cheap but still they are not considered as best.

The safety with Gas grills is still questionable. The Gas can explode in case of poor handling. However, for that, the bottles are now available. But the chances are always there which gives an extra point to think about.

Which is the ideal audience for Charcoal or Gas grill?

The important point to remember is both grills serve their ideal audience.

The charcoal grill serves for those people who are looking for something better in flavor as well as in taste. Also, they are not looking for expensive options or not interested in investing too much money in buying the Grill.

Along with this, the serves are for a small group of people, easy to use, portable, and better in high-temperature cooking. Also, it’s for those who are not afraid of cleaning the mess that charcoal grill makes, and ready to put extra effort to get the perfect barbeque.

Gas grills serve to those who are looking for space in grill grates and easy operations. The gas grills are faster, quick in heating up, and need less cleaning. Also, the option is for those who are willing to invest in the grills and looking for something like long term investments.

Factors to consider: Who wins & How?

The whole battle of Charcoal grills vs. Gas Grills is based on basic categories, including the cost, versatility, taste, control, and convenience. Even though they both look similar, there is a slight difference, along with their own weakness and strength.

Price range

The one and most important point, Price range certainly plays an important role in choosing the ideal grill for you. Also, there is a whole range available in charcoal and gas grills in the market, going small to large, expensive to budget-friendly.

Along with Grill, the type of Gas you are going to use also affects the price. Deciding the price depends on a few points, such as:

  • How often are you planning to use the Grill?
  • For whom you are using it?
  • How many times do you need replacement or repairing?
  • Which Gas or fuel you are using?

With gas grills, you either going to need natural gas or propane or maybe both. Some grills can handle both, but they are not cheap. However, natural Gas depends on the area you are living and what the rate is going on there.

If you are sticking with propane, you are going to need $1 per pound of propane for one-hour cooking.

Again, it depends on the gas you are using in Gas grills. The calculation is simple – the more gas you burn, the more expensive it will get.

With Charcoal grills, there are more variations in price as compared to gas grills. You can start with hardwood or briquette, either go with brands or use the off-brand products.

To cook, you are going to need six-quarter in charcoal, which is 6 pounds if you count roughly. Here choosing the lump charcoal is much expensive.

Who wins? Well, in this case, you don’t find the winner. Both look the same on price range. It depends on the cooking style of yours. If you are skilled, you can certainly save lots of money by saving fuel and other important points.

Taste & Flavor

The whole reason you invest or willing to invest in grills is to get the flavor and taste. The right choice in the grill can make your food much better in taste and ten times more in flavor. Two terms play an important part is caramelization and Browning.

Caramelization only happens when the temperature reaches around or above 400F. This a chemical reaction that happens to the sugar coating over the meat. It breaks in dark brown color, keeping the layer hardened and developing a crust.

Also, it gives the caramel flavor. To make this happen, there should be no moisture which requires Grill to evaporate and dry the meat,

Whereas Browning is a Maillard reaction that also happens to be the scientist and discover the process. The reaction happens between protein and sugar present over the meat.

The temperature you need is around or above 300F, much lower than caramelization. Instead of crust, you get the brownish touch to the meat.

Who wins? Charcoal grills win the taste and flavor as they can give the caramelization as well as smoky taste without any hassle.

The charcoal grills can easily produce much better heat and temperature, unlike the gas grills. Also, the smoky flavor comes naturally if you are using charcoal grills.

Ease To Use & Versatility

Gas grills can easily start and also takes lesser time in heating. With gas grills, the temperature is better in control, and you can use the given knobs to set the heat for your food.

When it comes to charcoal, understanding the heat setting and controlling the temperature requires know-how as well as practice.

For cleaning, Gas grills give better access. Charcoal grill requires time to cool down, and also they are messy. So, the winner is Gas grills.

Along with the gas, grills offer versatility as well as control. You can easily regulate the temperature, which allows you to do more experiments in cooking.

This lacks in charcoal, which again makes Gas grills winner in versatility and control.

Additional Features

Those who look for features, especially the fancy ones, you can get those things in gas grills. There are lots of things that come with the gas grills such as sideburns, rotisserie kits, searing zones, remote temperature, gas level indicators, monitoring systems, smoke boxes, backlights, and many more.

The charcoal grills are based on the old school concept. However, the people devoted to these due to the less confusion and simplicity. If you like fancy features, then charcoal might be disappointing.

However, if you are expending the budget, you may find some of the features such as easy clean-up, adjustable charcoal tray, etc. Also, the quality will be better, but it will not increase the list of additional features.

For those who want to have features in the grills, for them, the winner is Gas Grills. But in case you want something simple and much better in quality, you can go with a charcoal grill.

Portability & Safety

Working with Gas grills are not that friendly when it comes to portability. If you are choosing the natural Gas, you need to stick with some certain areas.

Also, the gas grills are not safe enough as the flare-ups, which can be unpredictable and makes the option slight dangerous. The tanks attached with the Grill are heavy, so it’s hard to move too.

With Charcoal grill, you get the better sizes and lighter versions to make the portability easier. Also, the charcoal can be controlled, but you must know the right process. Understanding how much charcoal you need to add or flow of oxygen help in excluding hazards.

Who wins? Charcoal grills are much safer as well as portable, which makes them a winner in this section.

Healthier & Greener

Not so known point but important to consider if you are cooking for the long run. The charcoal grills produce char, which is also known as a carcinogen.

Not the only thing to worry about, cooking meat at high temperature makes some compounds to break out which cause health issues.

Also, choosing charcoal gas might be a less green option too. There are two lines from where charcoal is sourced. Some are made with sawmill leftovers. Some use the woods to make high-quality charcoal for the grill.

Who wins? Gas grills win both cases. However, reaching a certain temperature might be difficult with gas grills, but they are much environmental and health-friendly option.

Are There More Types of Grills?

If you want to explore more in grills, you can also get the other types that are available in the market. Well, there are major six types, including Charcoal and Gas grills. Here are a few basics you might need to know:

Electric Grills

The easy and simple operation of electric grills makes the option ideal for those who prefer indoor grills. Electric grills require power 120v or 220v to work.

The one you get in 120 models are small in size as well as compact if you compare it with other models available in 220 ones.

The electric grills are a much easier option and operate especially for indoor grills. Just plug in your Grill, and you can do in-house BBQ.

Portable Grills

To those people who look for portable options in grills, especially design for parties, beach trips, and tailgating. The sizes available in portable grills are to serve the basic purpose, i.e., portability.

There are some options where you also get gasoline or charcoal heat like sources inbuilt.

Woodfire Grills

Woodfire grills are also known as Pellet grills, and it’s the first-ever used grills by any barbecue fans. The reason is the taste that you get in woodfire grills. It gives the unique taste of smoke no matter what you are cooking.

The flavor is unbeatable and one of the reasons why wood fire grills are highly recommended.

The option is for those who prefer the traditional style in the grill. It is a fancy and a bit of time taking.

Ceramic Grills

The recent trend and famous option in grill, ceramic grills are much capable of retaining the temperature optimal. The airflow is more limited, comparing it to any other type in grills.

Due to which it gives better juicier flavors to the food as well as the meat. The grills are efficient and cook fast as it can provide a steady temperature for long hours.

Wrapping up!

Charcoal vs gas grill, choosing the one depends on what is in your priority list. If you want smoky and better temperature, Charcoal grill is for you.

In case you want quick, easy, and less time taking grill, the Gas grill is for you then.

However, the great debate of gas vs charcoal grill stays the way it is, but they do have their pros and cons, which highly depends on what you prefer and find suitable.

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