Best Charcoal Grills Under $200 [May 2021]

A charcoal grill is one of the important kitchen appliance. Not just for fantastic flavor, but also it plays a small role in maintaining your health. Because with charcoal grill, you don’t require more cooking oil. The best part of charcoal grills is, they are not costly.

There are some Best Charcoal Grills Under 200 that serve their purpose. Also, choosing charcoal grills are the best type which allows you outdoor grilling. You can enjoy the smoked, roasted, and grilled dishes at your own home.

To get the ideal charcoal grills, we are listing the best options that we found under 200 dollars. Get your fantastic charcoal grill and make your favorite dishes without spending money on expensive restaurants.

Best Charcoal Grills Under $200

1. Weber 14402001 Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

Weber 14402001 Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch

Weber count as one of the classics in charcoal grills comes with 22-inch diameter in bowl porcelain-enameled with lid.

It’s lightweight, which makes moving more comfortable and much hassle-free. Weber’s installation is effortless, and it’s easy even for beginners to start with grilling.

Weber 14402001 Original Kettle Features

One-touch cleaning system: You get the removable ash catcher where the debris and charcoal is get collected. You can swipe all the dirt and remove it quickly.

One-touch cleaning system makes this clean-up hassle-free and much effective.

Grill temperature display: There is a thermometer display built in the grill, which shows the internal temperature. With this, you can easily adjust the heat and change according to your preference.

Shields handle and heat control: To prevent the handle from turning hot or too hot, the heat shield handle is provided. Also, for controlling the grill’s temperature, precision heat control is given.

It lets you adjust the heat without removing or touching the lid. Also closing the dampers can cut the oxygen flow completely which help in extinguishing the coal.

Superior heat retention: The grill has a bowl retain heat and porcelain-enameled lid for temperature consistency. Due to the finish, it prevents cracking, peeling, and rusting that mostly occur during heavy or high grilling.

Easy to access tools: To hang tongs, spatulas, and other grilling tools, there is a hook attached with the grill, which helps in organizing and access.

The angled hook for lid allows for handing the lid, so you don’t have to put it on the ground or place anywhere else.

  • Glass-reinforced handles for protecting hands
  • The lid comes with a thermometer
  • Porcelain-enameled grates are easily clean
  • Cooking surface is large
  • Expensive and messy charcoal

2. Char-Griller E06614 AKORN Jr, Red Charcoal kamado Grill

Char-Griller E06614 AKORN Jr, Red Charcoal kamado Grill

Akron Jr Kamado Kooker fulfills the role of grill and smoker both. The durable steel makes the grill last for a longer period. Even it has a smaller size; the grill is portable and light in weight along with durable two handles.

Char-Griller E06614 AKORN Jr Features

Temperature control: During smoking or cooking, adjustable dampers on top and bottom keeps the airflow in and out. The Akron has triple-walled that helps in retain the heat. It also maintains the temperature falls between 200 – 700-degree Fahrenheit.

Built for the long run: The exterior of the grill is coated with steel and porcelain-coated steel. It built for long use along with 22-gauge steel. Also, its convent for small places and limited areas.

The cast iron is the 153 square inches or 14 diameter, which gives enough grilling room.

Kamado grilling style: Akron Jr. has the kamado grilling style for easy grilling, which ensures the balanced cook. It helps in getting the best quality and unique flavors. Kamado grilling allows the even heat for enhancing flavors.

Portable, easy, and adjustable: The grill is durable and light in Weight, which makes the option ideal for camping or tailgating. It comes with a bottom damper and ash pan for controlling the airflow as well as simple cleaning.

It has the top damper, which can be adjusted and maintain the heat.

  • Impressive looks
  • Equipment is versatile
  • Assemble easily
  • Convenient for limited or small spaces
  • Durable and strong features
  • Cleaning might be difficult
  • Preparing large amount at a time is impossible

3. Char-Broil Charcoal Grill, 580 Square Inch
Char-Broil Charcoal Grill, 580 Square Inch

The char broil charcoal grill offers a huge space within the cheap rates. The grill has a black finishing and a nice look. Space is large enough, divided into 580 square inches for primary space and 100 square inches for secondary. 

The system used in grill provides the desirable cooking results without effecting the experience in grilling.

Char-Broil Features

Control heat and smoke: To raise or lower the heat, there is a front-facing lever. It helps in adjusting the temperature as well as controlling. Along with this, there are four air dampers to control the air in order to lower or raising the temperature. 

The grill has a lid-mounted temperature gauge to monitor the temperature and heat

Drawer for accessing charcoal: Small door is attached in front of the grill; beneath the given area for cooking, there is space for colas. The door can be easily open, and you can add more charcoals to provide better heat. 

It can be handled by one hand, too, so the grilling can be done easily. It also has a charcoal pan for providing better control of airflow and efficiency in cooking.

Durable and hassle-free cleaning: The grill is made with cheaper metals and porcelain enamel, which makes cleaning easy. To get the dirt off faster, use warm water instead of cold. To get more access, the ash drawer can be easily pulled out to clean the rest.

More space and accessibility: The grill has the 580 square inch surface for grilling and cooking that comes with a warming rack of 180 square inches. Apart from a large space, the grill can be used as a smoker, which makes the option versatile. 

It has dampers and grates. For easy mobility, there are wheels attached to move grill wherever you want.

  • Large area for cooking
  • Second cooking area of 180sq inch
  • Access drawer for charcoal
  • Impressive design and affordable
  • Materials can be cheap
  • Charcoal can be only used

4. Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill

Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill

Weber’s original kettle 22 inch offers the ultra-durability along with better temperature and heat adjustments. The grill has enough space and convenient for use. Due to the design, the grill offers better get retention and even cooking experiences.

Weber 741001 Original Kettle Features

Simple cleaning: The one-touch cleaning system helps in cleaning all the dust and ashes straightforward as well as faster. It includes the wheel which rotates and sweeps all the dirt to the ash catcher.

Ease in using: The grill is much easier to use and roomy. The loading charcoal is hassle-free, too, as there is plenty of space for creating the different zones in heat. Also, space is enough for food grilling. There is a handle shield to prevent the handle from getting too hot.

Durable and convenient: the durable wheels attached to the grill keep the moving easy. The grate is durable and plated steel for retaining the even heat and better grilling. For hanging the lid, the angled hook is attached to the grill side. It keeps the lid clean, and also you don’t have to place it on the ground.

Better heat control: Without lifting the lid, you can adjust the temperature by just adjusting dampers. To cut the oxygen and to extinguish the coals, close the dampers. The grill can withstand the high temperatures. 

The porcelain-enameled lid as well as bowl keep the temperature consistent and provide better heat for cooking. The finishing also keeps the grill away from peeling, cracking and rusting.

  • Heat retention and control is good
  • Durable wheels
  • Simple cleaning
  • Build durable
  • Withstand temperatures even it’s high
  • Cooking capacity is limited

5. Royal Gourmet CD1824A Charcoal Grill

Royal Gourmet CD1824A Charcoal Grill,BBQ Outdoor Picnic, Camping, Patio Backyard Cooking

Royal Gourmet charcoal grill is for fast and hassles free barbecue parties or picnics. The grill offers a great experience in grilling and providing the smoked taste in tender meats. The grill can cook for a whole family as the surface for cooking is 393 square inches. Along with that, there is a warming rack of 205 square inches.

Royal Gourmet CD1824A Features

Durability and high quality: To prevent the paint chips or peeling paints like an issue, the grill is used the paint, which is heat resistant. Also, wire cooing grates made of ¼ inches in porcelain retain the heat evenly and better cooking. 

With the grates made of porcelain steel and solid build construction, the grill can be used in the long run. The grill can do roasting, smoking, braising, grilling, etc. To provide better air fallow, the adjustable dampers are given.

Better performance: The grill has a combination of offset smoker, charcoal grill, and barbecue. The heavy-duty lid, big stack spring handle, and cool-touch make sure that the cooking experience of your stay hassle-free.

Easy to understand and control: The monitoring heat, so the food doesn’t get overcooked or undercooked, the lid-mounted temperature gauge is designed to help. There are two sides tables along with a grill so that the preparation work can be done.

 To enhance mobility, the deigned wheels make the moving and transport hassle-free

More space and adjustable pan: Working with this grill is convenient as ease in reading temperature more space, and extra tables make the whole process much simpler. There are storage racks underneath as well as grill front potion. The charcoal pan ‘s height can be adjusted on multiple levels.

  • Versatility and hold a variety of food
  • The affordable price
  • Quality and detailing
  • It might be flimsy
  • Might be an issue with assembling

6. Char-Griller Box Charcoal Grill

Char-Griller Box Charcoal Grill

Char-Griller is designed to be both, tabletop charcoal grille and heavy-duty smoker. The grill has the Texas-style smoking design and can work under pressure. You get the affordable, portable and light-weighted grill for dual usage

Char-Griller Box Features

Construction durability: the grill is made with heavy steel, which has 250 square inches spaces for grilling. To make the tabletop grill durable, it has powder coated along with cast iron in the grill. 

The chargrill 22424 tabletop is portable and can be easily carried anywhere for getting the perfect grill. Also, the design keeps the grill light in Weight.

Heat and temperature control: There are two dampers that can be adjusted and also help in controlling the heat. The grate and lid make the distribution the heat evenly. The charcoal grill has the adjustable door to keep the adding charcoals easy and hassle-free while grilling.

Inbuilt thermometer and removal pan: It has the removable ash pan, which gives more access to cleaning. Also, to get the exact temperature idea, there is a tin built thermometer for monitoring. 

It helps in avoiding the food get burnt. To keep the moving easy, the wheels are given. The grill is rust and dust-free too.

  • Light in Weight
  • Affordable
  • Optional attachment for a smoker
  • It made with steel
  • Not that much space for cooking
  • Peeling or paint burning off as complaints reported

7. Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

Weber 121020 Go Anywhere is designed compact and ready to go portable grill. You can take it for small parties or road trips. The grill has enough space to cook and to grill, along with sturdy manufacturing and easy to clean features, which makes the rest of the work hassle-free.

Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Features

Ideal for traveling: To take the grill along with you, Weber 121020 is an ideal option. The charcoal grill has a 22.5-inch one touch gold charcoal grill. The overall dimension of the grill is 14.5” H x 21” W x 12.25” L and has enough cooking space for a small gathering.

Compact and perfect fit: The grill has been in production for around 20 years. However, some of the features stayed consistent. The design of the grill supports the portability, and it comes with a compact for the trunk. 

Space is enough for cooking and grilling both. Also, the cleaning is easy, remove the plated steel cooking grate, and you are good to go.

Sturdy and easy to set up: The grill is safe as it also has tuck – N- carry lid lock, which keeps the grill easy to carry or to move around. You can take it for camping, picnic or get together of 2 or 3 people. There is miner step up needed, including the legs and hand covers, which hardly take 10 minutes. 

The grill ‘s locking mechanism keeps the grilling much safer. It also keeps the charcoal grill sturdy and completely assured.

  • Durable and affordable
  • Ideal for small get together or gathering
  • Hassle-free to carry
  • More space for small units
  • Might be heavy
  • Not that convenient
  • Handles can turn too hot

8. Pizzacraft PC7001 PizzaQue Deluxe Outdoor Pizza Oven Kettle Grill

Pizzacraft PC7001 PizzaQue Deluxe Outdoor Pizza Oven Kettle Grill Conversion Kit

Anyone who is not ready to commit to full-size pizza oven can go with pizza. The option is perfect weather you are chefs or hobbyists. It covers the all perfect pizza making and grill altogether. 

The dimension of the pizzamaker is around 17.5” L x 5.5” W x 17.5” H, and Weight of 13.1 Ibs

Pizzacraft PC7001 Features

Two sizes in grill : The kit has the two sizes in the grill option i.e., 18 and 22.5, which allows the access and adjustments according to the size you prefer. Also, it has 13 wide aluminum folding pizza peel, the charcoal fence along with a flex door.

Durable and perfect heat: Normally, any other grill is not able to generate enough heat to bake a pizza. It requires a certain amount of heat and enough fumes. The grill has 15-inch round cordierite, which is known for its durable. 

It has high resistance when it comes to thermal shock. It can still be useful after one year of use with complete care. To monitor the heat, there is a temperature thermometer given too.

Easy converting: The whole converting the grill into a pizza oven is simple and hassle-free. Its kettle can easily adjust to process the pizza sizes. The grill is made with high-quality material to provide longevity.

Simple to set up: The setting up the grill is straightforward and quick. However, use the tools properly during the assembling process. The manual is given to follow the directions. The whole assembling and setting will take around 10 minutes.

  • Easy to use
  • Pizza sizes options
  • Temperature monitoring features
  • Hassle-free installation and straightforward instructions
  • Already stone included
  • Storage options
  • Construction may look or feel loose
  • Charcoal fence are thin

9. Beau Jardin Portable Charcoal Grill and Smoker

Portable Charcoal Grill for Outdoor Grilling 18inch Barbecue Grill and Smoker Heat Control Round BBQ Kettle Outdoor Picnic Patio Backyard Camping Tailgating Steel Cooking Grate for Steak Chicken

Beau Jardin Charcoal grills are one of the ideal grills  for outdoor camping, which covers all tasks related to cooking. The grill delivers the performance, which is a long-lasting and hassle-free experience. 

The grill has the design of a classic profile and made with porcelain-coated steel.

Beau Jardin Features

Enough space and cooking area : The grill has a diameter of 18 inches wide and 24 inches in height. The charcoal grill comes with a one-touch clean system and aluminum rust resistance ash catcher. 

It makes the cleaning up much hassle-free. Also, it has an ash leak, which is the holes at the bowl’s base. It allows the ashes to cool down and fall into the ash catcher.

Easiness in cleaning: To clean the grill, you can detach the lid and lift, which allows you to get better access to cleaning. 

With this, you can remove any left charcoals. The assembling or reassembling both are simple so you can get the complete hygiene after grilling.

Convenient and portable: The grill is ideal for outdoor camping due to its portability, also easy to carry due to the wheels. You can move the grill in any direction you like and take it wherever you want to. 

The durable wheels make sure to give the hassle-free experience and keep it convenient.

Heat and temperature control : The grill has a bowl coated with porcelain-enameled along with lid for retention heat. Both help in holding the heat as well as its flow for the proper cooking. It also has the hanger for lid inside the grill. Air vents lids help in adjusting the heat control maximization. To protect the hands from heat, the lid is a heat shield.

  • Portability
  • Easy and hassle-free cleanness
  • Easy control over temperature
  • Abilities of Heat retention
  • High-quality material used
  • Not suitable for big parties

The list shows the variations you are going to find in a charcoal grill. It varies on what you are looking for, avoiding hassles. It’s much better to do the research and understand the options. 

Also, the market is huge, which means you will be able to find something for you that matches your requirements. 

To help you out, we are listing all the points you need to look out as well as to consider while shopping.

Features to consider?

When it comes to choosing the best grills under $200, you need to know what kind of features your grill must have to make your grilling experience good. There is a whole market with variation and different options in ideal grilling. 

To get yours, know about what you are buying and for whom. For how many people you are about to cook? Are you a beginner or have experience in grilling? What’s your budget? Do you have enough space?

These questions can help in narrowing down the basics, so you can choose the best ones for you. 

Grill Types

Within the category of a charcoal grill, you will find different subcategories based on its types and way of cooking, including features and shapes. These days ceramic and kamado grills are famous. These grills resemble the shape of an egg, and it has smoking features. Also, these types have different levels of layers, which allows more food to grill. It makes them more convenient. 

Another one is a larger kamado grill, which is not that much in demand due to its non-portability. To find something compact and portable, kettle grills are ideal.

Materials and Durability

Well, knowing about durability and the materials used plays a vital role in understanding the ease of use and sturdiness. Whereas sturdiness is basically known for the lifespan, it’s important to remember that the grilling is done outside.

It’s important that the grills are suspectable and stemming regardless of the seasons. 

Measurements and Covering Area

Measurement of the charcoal grill helps in understanding how much space it will take in your backyard. Also, how much food you can make as well. Different grills have different coverage areas and measurements. Some have multiple cooking areas that make more room for grilling. 

Before selecting the one, do know why and for what you are using the grill. If you are cooking for larger numbers in people, you need to find the grills which have more space. 

Weight and Dimensions

This one is self-explanatory options. Before you buy the grill, make sure it’s the space you selected. It can be anywhere, maybe your backyard or the car’s back area. To make sure that the grill is portable, Weight plays a huge part. 

Smaller grills are easy for travelling and moving purpose. Also, lightweight makes it much better to carry around.

Extra Features

Lots of grills offer their own unique features to keep themselves different from the rival options. The features might include:

  • Thermometer which let you control and monitor the grill’s temperature
  • For cooling and extra warming spaces, multiple grates are featured
  • Attached wheels to move the charcoal grill wherever you want
  • Heat resistance handles and safety for reducing the burns or any other injuries while grilling

What to Choose: Charcoal or Gas?

The main reason why people prefer charcoal grills over the gas is affordability and simplicity. The charcoal grill comes with a container that carries the coals and rack as well as lid above it. Comparing to that, Gas grills are complex where you get valves, hoses, burners, tanks, etc.

Charcoal and gas grilling both have their own factors. Depending on what you like and prefer can help in choosing the ideal grill for yourself. We are listing points to think about when it comes to charcoal and gas grilling.

However, cooking on gas grills is much simpler, but the setting the grill is complicated as well as expensive. But with charcoal, you need to understand the right amount of charcoal to add so you can get the right amount of heat. This is not the problem with gas grills. You can turn the knob.

The charcoal grill allows better cooking and flavors, unlike the gas grills. It adds the extra flavor during cooking and tenderness to the food. Also, the charcoal grill is a better option for begins to start off. The reason is when you get to understand grilling on a charcoal grill, you can cook on gas too.

With gas grills, there are lots of points to think about and safety precautions. But with charcoal grill, the chances are low and its much better in maintenance as well as cleaning too.

There are basically three types in Charcoal grill in the market. It includes Ceramic, kettle, and barrel. All of them are capable of smoking, barbering, and grilling.

  • Kettle Grills: The kettle grills are versatile and simple. It typically has the 22 inches or 363 square inches diameter, which allows cooking for get-togethers. The spherical shape of the grill serves the even heat to cook from low temperature barbecuing to high-level temperature both.
  • Ceramic Grills: Normally, the ceramic grills are the expensive ones, and it’s not recommended for beginners. The ceramic construction gives superior heat and temperature of 200 F to 500 F for cooking. The different sizes are available, so even if you are looking for a small model or biggest one, you got the range. However, ceramic grills are heavy, so traveling or moving can be difficult.
  • Barrel grills: The size of barrel grills is around 36 inches or 435 square inches. The grill is a perfect fit for barbecuing and grilling as well as smoking. However, the barrel comes in the middle of kettle and Ceramic. 

Where kettle grills are ideal for beginners, if you are deciding to step up your game in the grill, this can be the best idea. However, with this one, the commitment is bigger too. The grill offers a better capacity in the cooking area.

How You Can Get Most Of Your Charcoal Grill?

To make sure that you get most of your charcoal grill, you need to understand a few techniques and tips. It will not just maximize the use but also boost the flavor and taste of the food. We are sharing some of the great tips that you can follow too

  • Clean once you are done with the grilling. Don’t wait for the next time as the bacteria from leftovers can make the grill unhealthy and dangerous for health. Also, it can spoil the taste and flavor too
  • Monitor the temperature always. Either you can buy the grill that comes with an inbuilt thermometer, or you can buy it separately as well. It’s one of the easy ways to ensure that you are not overcooking or under-cooking your food.
  • Accessories can help in making the grill work much better and easier. Find the best you might need so you can enjoy the grilling.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What amount of charcoal should be needed for grilling?

Some people believe that the more they need grilling; the more charcoal will be used. However, it’s not true. You need less charcoal, but during the grilling, you have to keep adding. If you use more charcoal, it will produce more heat, which is not helpful for the slow grill.

Does charcoal grill take more time in cooking?

It depends on the cooking and what exactly you are using. There are some meats that take 10 or 15 minutes for proper grilling. However, for the smoking flavor, you are going to cook for hours.

Is using a charcoal grill is safe?

Charcoal grills are completely safe for use if you are following all the instructions as well as precautions. To keep the grilling safer, there are heat resistant handles that add more safety. Also, it helps in reducing the chances of injuries or burn.

Does assembling the charcoal on its own takes a long time?

Most of the charcoal grills we listed best Charcoal Grills Under $200 are not hard to resemble. The assembling time depends on what kind of grill you are opting for; the heaver one might require little help from your friend or someone who knows how to assemble.

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